Sunday Workshop Schedule

10:00am – 10:55am

Room 1

Modern Bachata

Intricate patterns, dips & flashy moves with style

(Pura Vida – NY)

Room 2

Salsa Challenge

Pro level salsa patterns & musicality

(Salsa Synergy – Orlando)

Room 3

Ballet for Latin Dancers

Dominate the most important element in dance

(Sarah Ingley – Gainesville)

Room 4

World Class Tricks

Tricks for any kind of dance of show for pros

(Uriel & Vera – Miami)

11:00am – 11:55am

Room 1

Bachata Challenge

Advanced bachata class featuring Seduxtion moves

(Roberto & Sandy – Dallas TX)

Room 2

World Class Salsa

Pro level salsa with world champions

(Karen & Ricardo – Chile)

Room 3

Tango Fire

One of the most passionate ballroom dances

(Rodrigo & Wendy – NC)

Room 4


Fusion between kizomba & kompa. Two afro dances

(Davidson & Sonia – Orlando)

12:00pm – 12:55pm

Room 1

Bachata Fusion

Sequence mixing bachata & music interpretation

(James & Erin – Raleigh NC)

Room 2

Unity Closing Show 2

Learn this choreo and close the show Sunday Night

(Cadence – Canada)

Room 3

Salsa & Hip Hop Fusion

Challenge your body by mixing these two styles

(Alex Pro Dance – Miami)

Room 4

Get Ready for ZOUK

Sensual dance taking over the world

(Marc & Kiri – Detroit)

1:00pm – 1:55pm

Room 1

Salsa con Boogaloo

Essential skills for salsa using Pachanga and more

(Paso Fino – Atlanta)

Room 2

Be a Bachata Superstar

Competition style bachata with world champions

(Javier & Erica – L.A.)

Room 3

Time for Samba

Excllent way of using hips & footwork while being sexy

(Marta Lyszkowicz – Orlando)

Room 4

Neo Kizomba Moves

Signature moves from the evolution of Kizomba

(Charles Ogar – Austin, TX)